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Keeping Busy in N.C.

Sunday we headed off to Asheboro to visit NC Zoo. It was a beautiful day, but it was North Carolina in all its sweltering summer glory!  I had almost forgotten what a N.C. summer felt like. After complaining about having endured the coolest, rainiest summer of my life, the heat and humidity had finally found us! And, of course, so had the rain… again. The day had been dry, with the exception of a few refreshing sprinkles toward the end of the day. But, as soon as we started the drive home it began to pour. And, wow, North Carolina knows how to rain!


























Monday we set off for the coast. It is so great to be back in the Wilmington area. We loved living here! We had a great dinner with my Gram, Aunt, and Uncle on Monday night. Tuesday I was stuck in bed with yet another pinched nerve – ugh! Yesterday we swam the day away with my Gram and Uncle and then Betsy and I met dear friends for dinner. It’s been busy, but we are having such a wonderful time!


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