Down for the Count

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything about South Carolina, but there is really nothing for me to say. I have been too sick to leave the RV, so, sadly, I have not been able to see anything. It has been a great disappointment. (What do I mean by “too sick to leave the RV”? I am running to the bathroom 20-30 times a day. I am in terrible pain. And I am spending almost all my time flat on my back, because sitting up or laying in any other position causes increased pain and sends me immediately back to the bathroom.  Such is life when you are having a UC flare.)

Fortunately,  Nick was able to take the kids out this weekend to explore Charleston. They went on a horse drawn carriage tour through the city, visited the beach, and took a ferry to a fort.  Hopefully,  he will post about their adventures soon!

I just want to make a quick note for others, particularly with IBD ( I do not believe traveling had any part in this flare up. And I still believe that traveling in an RV is the best way to travel with IBD. I an so thankful to have my own bed and my own bathroom with me everywhere we go! With IBD there will be flares, but I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from setting off on adventures.

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2 thoughts on “Down for the Count

  1. laurapeck16

    Oh Anna, I’m so sorry to hear the flare hasn’t eased! Tom and I pray every night for healing, and I added you to my Tuesday ladies group prayer list yesterday. God is so awesome and I know He will bring you through this flare. You’re so strong and courageous! Love, comfort, hugs, peace, and rest to you my dear friend! ❤

    • Laura, thank you so much for all of the prayers! I am truly thankful! Your kind and encouraging words mean so much. Love to you and Tom! ❤

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