About Us

Hello! I’m Anna, a wife and the mother of 4 (ages 20, 18, 16, and 12).  Our family began a year-long RV trip May 11, 2013.  We are setting out to make the most of this amazing adventure called life.  Some of things I’ve learned so far: simplifying is complicated, letting go is hard, and learning is the journey of a lifetime.

Everything suddenly came together to make this the perfect time for our family to travel and explore this beautiful country. Moments like this don’t always come along, so we thought we had better seize the opportunity while we had the chance. And what a blessed opportunity it is for our family!

In short…

My husband, Nick, works from home and is a lover of the outdoors and adventure. I am a homeschooling, book loving, plant eating. stay-at-home mom. George (12) and Betsy (16) are adventurers and road schoolers. Our son Caleb (18) is spending the summer traveling with us before returning to Liberty University for his sophomore year of college. He will travel with us during the school year on his breaks. Molly (20) will spend a couple of weeks on the road with us before heading up to Alberta, Canada on a short-term mission trip to serve with long-term missionaries for the summer.



About Our Blog

As soon as most people hear about our trip, they suggest that I blog about our adventures. I agree that this is a neat way to document our trip and share our travel experiences with friends and family. So, welcome to our excellent, crazy adventure! I look forward to sharing our life on the road with you and I hope you will stay in touch with us (leave a comment, send an email, hire a singing telegram… you get the idea).

I also hope that this will serve as a connection to fellow travelers on the road. And, perhaps, as a bit of inspiration for those who have a desire for the mobile life, but haven’t yet made the move.

Our blog’s name, “Strangers in the Earth”, comes from Psalm 119.

 “This is not your rest”; I often think of that. We know it, but we don’t find it easy to live as if it were true. More and more I feel that we are what the Bible says we are – strangers and pilgrims. And all the things that happen are meant to emphasize that.

-Amy Carmichael, Candles In the Dark


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Vickie Wingfield

    I love this Anna. I cannot wait to read your next one.

  2. FUN! Safe adventures 😉

  3. Great Blog! and thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

  4. I love what you are doing! You are living our dream and we are tagging along for the ride. Our departure date is still a few years out. In the meantime, we are reading, watching, learning. Looking forward to many adventures with you!


    • Hello Trina! Thank you so much for following along with our adventures. We are truly having the best time. Best wishes to you as you prepare to follow your dreams and hit the road! 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You share so many of my feeling. We have been on the road 18 months and are headed “home” to Pennsylvania for a couple months before adventuring out again!
    Connie from http://www.unpredictableperrys.wordpress.com

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