Just Another Day of RV Living

What a day we had yesterday!  Shortly after I wrote yesterday’s blog post the crazy holiday weekenders began arriving. I am sure there will be a steady stream of RVs and boats pulling in today as well. So, there went the peace and quiet. But, it is still a lovely spot and I am enjoying it nonetheless!

In the afternoon, Betsy and I headed off to town to do laundry. I’d been to the outskirts of Henderson several times to visit the wonderful Raleigh Road Drive-In, but I’d never gone into town (I actually didn’t even realize there was a town). Let’s just say that poor Henderson has seen better days (I hope!). My gps took us into a questionable part of town and left us at a dirty laundromat beside a boarded up house, in front of an abandoned grocery store, and across the street from a man hollering up a storm about who-knows-what. So, that turned out to be the second scariest laundromat of our three month trip! Thankfully, we arrived home safe and sound.

In the evening, we decided we had better drain our tanks before the roads got any busier with holiday traffic. This is the first time we have not had sewer hookups at our camp site. We conserved our water usage and managed to go from Saturday afternoon until Thursday evening before filling up!  Of course, that required showering at the park bathroom, using paper plates, and such, which isn’t as convenient but not too terrible. I will, however, be glad to have sewer hookups at the next park! The minute George and Nick pulled away to go drain the tanks it started pouring. Betsy, Pierre, and I were soaked through. And for whatever reason, it felt like camping. Real camping. To my surprise, most of the time RV living feels just like that… living. So, it is fun once in a while to feel like a camper. Haha!


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2 thoughts on “Just Another Day of RV Living

  1. Yes! There is definitely a different feel than camping, most of the time it feels like living, and then there are the days it feels like CAMPING… Like when the van breaks down, and it starts to rain, and all that’s left in the fridge to eat is hotdogs! And then there is the laundromat experiences… Some of the most interesting people there! We are headed thru WA, then down the OR coast. Looking forward to that! Blessings, Stacy

    • Hi Stacy! Oh, yes! That is so true! And I have to say I prefer the “living” to the “camping” – haha! We made our way down the Oregon coast earlier this summer and truly enjoyed it. It is beautiful! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time! 🙂

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