3 Months On the Road

I haven’t blogged much lately. First, I have been in a bit of a blogging slump. Some days I just don’t feel like writing. Second, we have been busy having fun with friends and family, which hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging (Keeping up with a blog takes a lot more time than I had imagined!). Third, I have been struggling with my health for a couple of weeks. Ulcerative Colitis flares make me tired.


We are enjoying the last of our summer with dear friends in Virginia. Sunday we arrived back in Lynch Station, VA, where our journey began, on the 3 month anniversary of the start of our travels.  What a wonderful three months it has been for our family!  I can’t believe how much we were able to pack into our summer!

Our official summer will soon be coming to a close. We’ll be starting school and slowing the pace of our travels. Summer was a lot of fun, but traveling at that speed isn’t sustainable for too long. We are looking forward to traveling at a slightly more leisurely pace and getting back to a bit more of a normal routine.





Speaking of summer coming to an end, our son Caleb is moving into his dorm today. We are excited for him. He is a great kid and we know he’ll do well, but we sure are going to miss him! I know that it is normal and natural and good for kids to grow up. I get it. I do. But, this kind of chapter is painful to close. I know the next chapter in our relationship will be wonderful in its own way, but I will miss this one… the one where I get to see him every day! And oh-how-thankful-I-am for the time we got to spend with him this summer! It was truly a blessing!

I will never stop loving and letting you go. A mother and child live the first great love story and there is no love story without loss, and this is always gain. -Ann Voskamp

An excellent blog post from Ann Voskamp for all of you parents… bring a tissue!

How to Be the Parent You Want to Be: 40 Things Every Child Must Know Before They Leave Home

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