I’m Home

No matter where I travel or how long I am gone, the little town of North East, PA will always be home!  We have been having a great time with our family. It is so nice to spend time with loved ones!


Yesterday at Gravel Pit Park with 8 of my nephews


Dinner at my mom’s house with 2 sisters, a brother, brother-in-law, 9 nephews, and 3 nieces… I hope I didn’t lose count!


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6 thoughts on “I’m Home

  1. Greetings,
    My wife and I have talked about doing this very thing; selling everything and hitting the road (and I can also work from the road).
    I would be interested in emailing with you and your husband about details on this.

    • Hi Scott! We are having the best time! It has been so much fun traveling. Feel free to send us and email and we’d be happy to answer any questions have for us – annabel (at) thedustyshelf (.) com

  2. Hooray for family time!! The pictures are great! 🙂

  3. ryanpstevens

    What a small world. Back on July 27th I tried swimming across Lake Erie with my end point to be Freeport Beach in North East, Pa. I only made it 5.7 miles before quitting because of the cold. I will be back next summer though and swim the 24 miles from Longport to North East. I am doing this to raise awareness for IBD. You wouldn’t happen to know any people who own boats do you? Need to rent another boat for my second attempt.

    • Hello Ryan! Wow, that is really awesome! What a great way to raise awareness for IBD! Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who owns a boat. I wish you all the best! Please keep me posted. 🙂

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