Oh, Deer!

In Monday’s blog post I completely forgot to mention our close encounter with a mule deer on Sunday.  We had entered the park through the St. Mary’s entrance and driven up the Sun Road about 14 miles until it was closed off at the Jackson’s Glacier Overlook. From there, the road was open another three miles for hikers. We hiked up the road about a mile before returning to our truck. Just as we got to the parking lot a mule deer came leaping out of the woods. She stood there, just feet in front of Caleb and George, for quite some time, before heading off into the woods on the opposite side of the lot.

(I am sorry the picture quality is poor.)


Then as we were heading out of the park, we spotted a moose standing in the middle of the Sun Road. When we drove up closer, it moved just off to the side of the road. We were all very excited! I hadn’t seen a moose since I was in Alaska nearly 20 years ago and my kids had never seen one. I wish I had been able to snap a picture!

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