20130523_122410My daughter, Molly, will be heading up to Canada later today. She’ll be spending her summer in Alberta on a short-term mission trip.  She will be serving with long-term missionaries near a First Nations reserve. Though she doesn’t yet know exactly how she will be serving, she has been told that she will be working with church youth group, joining the full-time missionary on home visits, and she will be involved in a lady’s bible study.

It is our prayer that God will use her to serve others for His glory. We pray that she will bless the First Nations as well as the missionaries she will be serving under. We also pray that this will be a time of learning, growth, and direction for Molly.

Molly has a big heart. She loves God and she loves people. We are proud of her and excited about this adventure that God has planned for her. But, we will miss her terribly!  We will miss her smile and her sunshine. We’ll miss her laughter, silly jokes, and love of crazy dance moves.

Please keep Molly and my husband in your prayers as they travel today and tomorrow. Pray for Molly as she adjusts to life and culture in a new place. Please keep her in your prayers this summer as she serves the Lord and others. And pray that her light shines bright.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. -Matthew 5:16

Yesterday, Molly and I went on a lunch date together.  I was glad to get to spend a little time alone with my girl before she sets off on her trip. We are very close and this is going to be a big change for both of us. Though it will be hard, I know it will be good for her to learn and grow in the way kids only do once they are on their own a bit. No doubt, I will be growing too as I learn how to let go… that dreaded chapter in the book called Motherhood. I do know, though, that she will be, and always has been, in His hands. God is good and He has a plan. Amen!

Molly wanted to go on one more family hike at the park before she left. We headed back to Glacier National Park.  I hadn’t been thrilled with waking up to snow, but the dusting of white only enhanced the beauty of the mountains. We hiked up the Avalanche Lake Trail.  We immediately understood the popularity of this trail. The scenery was breathtaking! There were trees standing in and along side beautiful, clear, rushing water to one side of us. And splendidly tall, moss covered evergreen trees standing on a high incline on the opposite side. Then, half way to the lake, through a clearing in the trees appeared a snow covered mountain with a waterfall mid-way down it’s face. It was magnificent!

(Click on a picture to see it larger)



The trail was only slightly over 4 miles long, but it was at an incline with lots of steep ups and downs along the way. Nick carried me over the worst of these obstacles (I have severe patellar subluxation in both of my knees. After 3 surgeries, the problem has only been minimally corrected. In any case, I can’t run, jump, skip, or even afford to fall. Additionally, climbing up or down inclines is difficult, painful, and somewhat dangerous for me. All the hiking I do is very basic and done with the assistance of my amazing husband.). Okay, back to the story… About 2/3 of the way to Avalanche Lake, the path became quite steep. The girls and I decided to stay behind while the guys went on toward the top. In the end, Nick was the only one to make it all the way to the lake.

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

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4 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. laurapeck16

    So many thoughts whirling through my brain as I read this entry: 1) Molly sounds like she will do very well on her mission trip and undoubtedly change the lives of those with whom she comes in contact. I love reading about your mother/daughter relationship! 2) Your descriptions of the hikes are just wonderful. I really can imagine being there. 3) How you handle your health challenges, including UC, continue to amaze me! Anna, you overcome everything. What a courageous spirit God instilled in you. I feel blessed to learn from you and call you friend. Sending you (((hugs))). I’m sure you are missing your girl.

  2. You are such an amazingly supportive friend! Thank you, Laura – truly! Your encouragement means so much to me. And thank you very much for the hugs… they are definitely needed today! 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    Reading the post outloud to Rick and bawling. Love you and your perspective is spot on….God is going to use Molly mightily. I am so excited for her! and my heart is grieving with you as you miss her ❤ So very in awe for how God has worked in ALL of your lives and where He places you and your faithfulness. ❤

  4. Thank you, Jennifer! Thank you for grieving with me. Letting go is hard! But, as you said, God has been amazing! I am so thankful to have had your friendship during this crazy journey called life – through the thick and thin! God really does work things out for good and His glory. ❤

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